Human Capital

Train, develop and provide feedback to your staff are important elements for retaining the current talent of your company and achieve optimal growth of your company.

eslabón® has modules for the Human Capital area that will help you automate your processes from recruitment to the development of your staff.

Capital humano Intro

Human Capital Modules

It facilitates the management of the career plans of the employees, through access to information to our different sub-modules:

Job Opportunities
It captures the information of applications obtained via the internet registered directly by the candidates and available to the recruiter.
Detect the training needs of your company and contribute to the development of talent to form a competitive team. It complies with DS3 and DS4 formats requested by the STPS
Recruitment and selection
Control through activities the effective recruitment flow for the selection of the ideal candidate for the position.
Evaluate and follow up on the evaluation of the personnel, based on the competence and objectives of the company, to determine development plans.
Know our benefits

  • Detects the needs of the company
  • Easy management and access to the job bank
  • Search of staff according to profiles
  • Time control and budget for training
  • Staff growth report
  • Information for government institutions
  • Performing surveys and forms