Payroll administration

Performing the management of several payrolls often requires a greater investment, in addition to ensuring a complicated issue when you do not have the right platform.

In eslabón® we have a comprehensive solution through Payroll Maquila, with which you can streamline administrative issues and comply with the obligations of an employer

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How does Payroll administration work?

Our solution has the support of Payroll Plus, through its online solutions, which will allow you to perform the following tasks:

Control of payment processes and fulfillment of obligations
Automatic generation of pre-payrolls according to staff attendance
Detailed personal information to consult at all times
Management of procedures and access to information to the staff of your company
Know our benefits

  • Maximum security in your company's information
  • Easy access through authorized accounts
  • Greater visibility of all your managements
  • More time for your Human Resources processes
  • History storage for queries