Time and Access

The eslabón® Time and Access module will allow you to know the attendance and incidents, and to register the information automatically in the Payroll module.

It also controls access in different areas of your company, by activating doors, traffic lights, turnstiles or other control devices.

Tiempo y accesos Intro

Time and Access Modules

Attendance Control
Issues attendance reports, including vacation periods, disability, penalties, among others, for optimal payroll management.
Terminals and Monitors
High-tech equipment for fingerprint reading, smart cards or facial recognition, to capture the information in eslabón®.
Access control
Controls access in different work areas by activating doors, traffic lights, turnstiles or other control devices.
Manage access to work areas through security schemes, with temporary passes to restricted areas and levels.
Dining rooms
Manage industrial canteens or cafeterias in your company; define menus, discounts to payroll, consumption, suppliers and more.
Levels of access defined by access groups, to indicate privileges to a certain number of people.
Customize PVC cards with corporate image and control cameras or take photographic capture; encodes cards with codes or chip.
What benefits do Time and Access offer?

  • Elimination of attendance capture time
  • Automatic calculation of time worked
  • Assistance statistics by cost centers
  • Programming roles and multiple schedules or shifts
  • Issuance of attendance, vacation, disability and sanctions reports
  • Greater control and security in access to work areas
  • Update information of employees in Payroll